World of Parrvolis


The standard by which most places are measured, it’s a monarchistic society ruled by the Marfont family – currently in mourning for the loss of Lady Marfont. Miracien as both a city an country are wealthy, it’s peoples generally do not suffer, although there are lesser sections of the city in which rogues earn a good living. The architecture is white/grey bricked and appears European in style. 

The capital, Miracien, is high-walled and easily defended against attackers partially due to it’s structure and partially because of it’s position in the world – between the sea and Lake Mira.

To the west is Port Wheylanding, where a few fishing boats bring daily catches in from the Sirens Ocean as well as regular trade from the town of Westpool to the East. The port’s named after the ancient trade-ships bringing in Milk and Whey from the Kingdom of Erawoen. 


Erawoen is a Matriarchal society. They revere the female over all else. Her word in each individual household is law and this extends to the ruling household of Queen Eranin. 

The houses follow a similar style to Miracien but while the capital is made of light coloured stone, Erawoen is crafted from darker materials – mostly imported from the mountains to the north of the city. 

They are an ambitious people that have often been at the forefront of war – their sell swords are amongst the most feared, for both their efficiency and ruthlessness. 

They worship a small Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.

Vyglisini Dominion

The Vyglisini Dominion is reeling from a recent war with Erawoen who was trying to dominate the country. As such the Vyglisini Dominion is a shadow of it’s former glories and heavily restricted in many respects.Necromancy in the world of Parrvolis isn’t strictly illegal but raising the dead is and this is the tactic that alienated them of sympathisers during the recent war. The Vyglisini Dominion is home to such practises and they have been clamped down upon in recent years.

Post-War Vyglisini houses those that are resentful towards the Necromantic Houses and those that wish to see them restored to their former glory.

Necromancers have adopted the title Magister.


To the East of the map, Westpool is called such due to its origin being to the West of the Pool. A large labour town that relies on it’s export of fish and from the perfect growing conditions of the surrounding county; Esteracre. Built around a busy docks the town is alive with activity, but often sniffed at by other counties due to it’s damp weather – it’s usually raining – the rampant spread of water-sickness and smell of days-old fish that has gone unsold. 

Westpool has it’s own ruling family, which has allegiance with Miracien through familial ties. The Anderman family is cousin to that of the Marforts.

While they trade openly and play nicely with other the cities of Parrvolis they have their own garrison, city-guard and ruling house.

Most of the buildings are wooden and raised on stilts due to the run off of water from the land into the pool. Underneath the housing are layers of thick mud that claims many a drunken life. 


What remains of Valkurk is mostly ruin. 

Esentially, the city was a collection of towers built into the side of a mountain, with smaller dwellings in the surrounding lands. 

There is a tribal hint to the remains of the city which give hint to a race of artisans and crafters.

The former occupants are thinly spread throughout the lands and are Orcs. They have a sense of nobility about their characters.

The city was destroyed during a misunderstanding between the ruling houses of Valkurk and Westpool – where Westpool called upon it’s stronger allies of Miracien to all but destroy the race of Orcs.

There have been many attempts by several races to explore the remains of Valkurk, but each expedition to the harsh northern elements of the world have been met with failure. 

College of the Arcane Arts

Official magic and mages are graduates from the College of the Arcane Arts, where all schools of magic are practised – aside that of Necromancy, which is heavily frowned upon outside of the Vyglisini Dominion. 

Mage work requires sanction and license as it is often through unsanctioned and ‘wild’ magic that demonic entities are born. Demons are the manifestations of extreme emotion given physical form. These entities prey upon mages that cannot control their magics and/or emotions. All emotions can take demonic form, rage, euphoria, melancholy, etc.

It is these demons, along with the mages that manifest them that the Witch Hunters aim to ‘restore.’

The College of the Arcane Arts accepts practitioners from all corners of Parrvolis. 

Soundless Sea

The Soundless sea is a large , dry continent. A desert with very little in the ways of civilisation. At the heart of it is the home of the Soul Foragers – a strange rage that doesn’t bend to the will of the rest of the world. They are insular and governed by their own laws. 

Also home to several smaller tribal cultures. 

This area of the world is little explored as more often than not the explorer meets with one of the tribes and either integrates or is killed.

Not many leave the Soundless Sea alive, unless they are connected to the Soul Forager tribe, in which their leaving is vital for their survival.


A dense forest area to the north east of the world. Dwellings here tend to be small and quaint. An area rife with superstition and rich in folk-lore. 

Taikos is the home region of the Dandarians. They are a community the lives of the land and all it provides. They’re well established but reclusive and don’t take to outsiders well other than for trade. They are seen as a strange sort of people and often mocked for being inbred (and other racist comments) 

Outside of Dandrea housing is small. The average dwelling no bigger than a small village – usually consisting of a handful of homes, a single tavern, church and, if a lords manor – although not all villages have a lord presiding over them.