Here we go again…

This little gem came to my attention quite by accident - being told by a friend over on DevArt - and because nothing gets Fangirl going more than the dangled carrot of promise about more official Rambo content. I am always really skeptical when it comes to more Rambo, the last time I went hunting... Continue Reading →

Movie Review – Creed

I've been meaning to watch Creed since it came out at the cinema, but for some reason I never got round to it. Maybe because it's not the sort of film my partner would enjoy - having never seen the rest of the series - and to be completely honest I wasn't so sure the... Continue Reading →

Wait until I catch my breath

I was doing an innocent little search on my phone earlier - looking for some information to confirm a suspicion or two - when I stumbled across some information that has just made today a whole lot better. Rambo V has been announced and I hear is in the works. This is especially exciting news for... Continue Reading →

Obsessions gone wrong

Today, while taking a break from writing my dissertation (which I shall go back to after writing this post) I watched a Stallone film I hadn't seen before. I needed a bit of a cheer up, but something easy to watch while my brain melted after the hard writing it had done on consumerism. So... Continue Reading →

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