Something I struggle with

I didn't want to write this post either - maybe next time I'll look at what I have to write before accepting a challenge. Mostly, because I find if I dwell on the things I struggle with they feel a little all consuming and it tends to get me feeling a bit overwhelmed and it's... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeves

Ooooh, this'll be a fun one! My top three pet peeves. I could say about some smaller more insignificant things, like chewing gum or litter but while these annoy me, then generally don't get me ranting my head off all evening about it! Bullying - I think this is more than a simple pet peeve... Continue Reading →

Why do I/You paint?

Why do I paint? I've often asked myself this. Why do I create paintings, drawings and write? It's mostly addiction. Not to the process of creating itself, because I personally have taken breaks from the creative process before. But addicted to that strange and often horrible feeling afterwards. That feeling of euphoria that you've created... Continue Reading →

Thoughts while doing the Ironing

I was wondering today, as the title suggests, while I was working through the ironing pile why I had always been a bit afraid of really saying hello to the world. Until recently this blog has always been something of a bit of a dark, dangerous secret. Known only by a few friends and family members.... Continue Reading →

Beach – Prompt

The title Beach came as a prompt from The Daily Post -- It's days like today* that you think about the times when life was that little bit easier. What I am learning so far about motherhood is that it's not actually easy. I was never under the illusion that it would be, but there... Continue Reading →

New Life

So recently, everything about my life has changed. All for the better I might add rather hastily. After a 10 month womb infestation I finally got rid of the parasite that was lurking inside me and making my stomach all big and swollen! I cannot tell you how much of a relief that really is!... Continue Reading →

Warning, moaping in progress!

I've hit a slump with my art again. I usually do this when I either over think things or I feel like I need a change of direction. I've been offering commissions for a little bit now, and so far I've not had any bites - which in itself isn't all that surprising. I guess... Continue Reading →

What’s new pussycat?

It's been a little while again so I thought I should come along and write something. It's always a pleasure too after all. The hardest part of such a self-centered blog is knowing what to write that isn't just babble and moaning about insignificant stuff. As such I try and focus myself towards my fandoms... Continue Reading →

NOISEfestival: Your Creative Future

NOISEfestival: Your Creative Future happened this week. It was a conference geared up to help those with aims to enter the creative arts as a career. A very insightful thing; as most of us who're interested in the creative network have no idea how to start their career. I certainly don't, and until it happens... Continue Reading →

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