I overcame some of the 'large model' intimidation feelings and started on the Gryphon for my Cities of Sigmar army this weekend. It's mostly work on the underside of the wings that I've done so far - the rest of the model has been base coated with contrast Skeleton Horde and needs a lot of... Continue Reading →


Lord Commander Eloth and I have been playing Mordheim a lot lately - again - and I thought, while waiting for commissioners to get back in touch, I'd take a break from doing commission busts to drawing... fan art busts instead. So I drew Aster, from our Chaos Warband, the Chantry of Blood. He is... Continue Reading →

A rare hobby update!

Since cranking out the commissions it feels like I've not actually updated with anything hobby related in a while. I've picked up my Lizardmen Army again lately, this was mostly due to Azazel's Bitz Box Neglected Model challenge from June earlier this year and typical slow-coach that I am, I'm only just getting round to... Continue Reading →

Tomb Kings – Sphinx

I had to play about with the levels in photoshop with this image, for a rather... silly problem. The lighting on the day was so bright that the logo from my light box was shining through the back of the white background and no matter how I tried the exposure levels in camera wasn't getting... Continue Reading →

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