Keep on Intercessin’

Another of the Assault Intercessor squad done. 6/10 all done and dusted now. I took these pictures at the same time as the Inquisitorial Scribe/Herald, so they are of the same quality as he is, unfortunately. Still, I'm glad that another one of these models is going up to be shared on here. Progress is... Continue Reading →

The Retinue Begins

I finished the first model for my Inquisitorial Retinue this week - and ticked a model from the backlog. These models are a rather fun to paint. I don't want them all to look uniform or like an army, more a bunch of people pushed together in the name of the Emperor! This is the... Continue Reading →


I overcame some of the 'large model' intimidation feelings and started on the Gryphon for my Cities of Sigmar army this weekend. It's mostly work on the underside of the wings that I've done so far - the rest of the model has been base coated with contrast Skeleton Horde and needs a lot of... Continue Reading →

Inquisitorial Scribe

Way back when, Lord Commander Eloth, Thunderkarn and I embarked on an epic quest to create our own Inquisitors and their retinue. The challenge was to make the characters out of bits that we either had or could find. Lord Commander Eloth finished his an aeon ago, I am unsure about Thunderkarn and I am... Continue Reading →


(And washed) Photos aren't of the highest quality for this post, but it's only a quick update to share some progress on the latest Assault Intercessor. I feel like we've been here before. I'm thinking the best way to get through my backlog and keep it interesting is to alternate - one marine, one something... Continue Reading →

Progressing Slowly

Progress has been a little on the slow side for the past couple of evenings - mostly due to wanting to finish off a book that was causing a go-slow (Which I have now finished, hurrah) but in between doing bits of dinner-related cooking I did manage to get two whole base-coat colours on my... Continue Reading →

Raygun Raptor

On the back of my Hobby Motivation post, I managed to get this little critter finished off. He is a Raygun Raptor and he appeared in my Festive Mystery Box from We Print Miniatures. The first of my backlog to get cleared - although he hasn't really been there that long. As I said in... Continue Reading →

Hobby Motivation

I have been largely demotivated with hobby lately - to the point where I've not updated the blog in over a month, let alone picked up a brush and put any colours onto any models. True, I have been reading a metric tonne of books, but overall action on the miniatures hobby has been lacking.... Continue Reading →

Caw(daw) Blimey!

Whole enthusiasm for doing anything Necromunda related has died an untimely death thanks to Necromunda: Underhive Wars being a complete pile of disappointing turd, I did manage to get the leader of my Cawdor gang finished. I think on of my hobby-goals for 2021 should be: Paint Less Red. Most (read all) of my armies... Continue Reading →

Assault Intercessor: Part 3 – Assault with a Vengeance.

Back on trying to get the Assault Intercessor unity finished today. Mostly because a lot of the other models I have either aren't started or haven't been sprayed due to the cold and wet weather. Still, progress is progress and I am happy to have been able to paint today. Lord Commander Eloth made me... Continue Reading →

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