We recently went on a walk around Watergrove reservoir and I took a few images while I was there. The vast majority of them were simple texture images for use in my illustrations - which was the aim when we went and what I was looking for - but there were a couple of images... Continue Reading →

Bury Photographic Society

On the 6th of September I made my first appearance at Bury Photographic Society, so I guess that means I am a bit more serious about growing this whole 'photography thing' after all! It was a bit of an eye-opener, that left me with a conflicted mixture of inspired and intimidated; the meeting was a... Continue Reading →


Image wise, this might be a bit of a dull post to look at - sorry for that. After my blunder with not remembering which way round fstops worked and how they effected Depth of Field I wanted to have a little experiment. Setting my Canon Eos 20D to aperture priority I set about gradually... Continue Reading →

A treat for the eyes

I wasn't completely happy with how the photographs in my previous post turned out. Especially the ones of a certain Khorne Warrior Banner Bearer. I don't feel I ever captured him properly. He is a very impressive model and I certainly didn't feel I did him justice. I still don't feel like I have done... Continue Reading →

Under pressure

My blog did phenomenally (for me) last week and got nearly 200 views. I am thinking it is partially because I was blogging about the Blogging University and Blogging Branding; of which to give a quick update on - I have implemented all the changes it has recommended; putting back my archives, visiting and commenting... Continue Reading →

Ana Victoria Calderón Skillshare Course – Part 1

I wasn't going to make an update quite so soon as this, but seeing as my internet is currently being rather intermittent and temperamental with me, I thought I might as well share my discoveries thus far. I recently signed up to a website called Skillshare. It's where various creatives come together to teach their... Continue Reading →

Not everything works.

Sometimes the things we create don't always turn out the way we would like them too. I found that out this week while at Bury Art Society. The theme of this week was to create something from memory or imagination; a rather fun little idea that I thought would be great to try out some... Continue Reading →

The hardest part

I think the hardest part about this whole art and business thing is keeping it all going. As you can see I've not been doing a very good job of it over the past few months. I am very sorry about that. Another part that is very difficult for me is keeping every aspect of... Continue Reading →

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