When the devil calls

I've been back into the whole "Day of the Dead" fandom lately. It's funny how these things get kicked back into our brains. I was looking to see if The Walking Dead was available to watch on Netflix (It isn't) but as a result it showed me Day of the Dead: Bloodline. It was all... Continue Reading →

I feel so alone on a Friday night

A picture for  of our Ghost OC's Kiz and Betty~ I figure, Betty being as elegant and glamorous as she is would take it upon herself to tell her that ghosts can actually wear clothes and here, Kiz is grinning about being naked! I should have added a bit of a blush to her cheeks or... Continue Reading →


  I can imagine Kiz being in denial about being dead to begin with and when she finally realises she's being told the truth she'd fly around Whipstaff screaming; "I DON'T WANT TO BE DEAD!" I figure she'd be one angry little Ghosty to begin with, until she latches onto someone she can befriend and... Continue Reading →

Are you a ghost, or are you alive?

A Kiz Ghost appears, like something out of your deepest fears!! -- Kiz, for the Casper fandom. It's not really something I had overly considered before, but because I like playing and drawing with/for my friends, I figured why not. I'd been meaning to do this for a while, mostly because of horrorlandcop74 and her OC, Betty.... Continue Reading →

Kiz ‘The Walking Dead’ Sinistral – Bio

Name: Kiz Sinistral Pronunciation: Obvious Nickname(s): Boom Bitch Public Nickname(s): None Race: Human Affiliations: Herself, Rick and his group. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Lawful leanings Face Claim: Victoria Beckham Voice: Non descriptive Singing Voice: Out of tune Occupation: Special Tactics Operative - Explosive Age: 27 Apparent Age: Accurate Date of Birth: March 15th Sex: Female... Continue Reading →


I am having a bit of a proud moment over here. If you do an image search for “Captain Rhodes” you find a picture of my Original Character Kiz and Rhodes (Day of the Dead) before you find anything of Warmachine. I don't know why, but this makes me feel rather happy! Rhodes has been... Continue Reading →

Prompt – Survival

Another prompt title from The Daily Post --- Lately, I have been doing a bit more engaging with the Resident Evil fandom over on DeviantArt. This is mostly due to a couple of friends on the website opening up a Resident Evil Original Characters Jam - A collection of people drawing, writing and generally being... Continue Reading →


Another quick image to go with the one I posted on Thursday Yay. Kiz. I managed to get Chapter 5 of Tears and Rain written tonight. I am not sure about how well the chapter reads... writing fight scenes isn't easy. Still, you can click on the Fanfiction.net link on the sidebar should you wish... Continue Reading →

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