Blood Guard: A Vindicator! — Black Hand Marines

First Commission of the year and it’s a tank! I really love painting tanks now that I have my head around how to do battle damage. I relished the opportunity to try some in a different colour. I love the colour red, and have been enjoying painting the Blood Angels, so when I was asked […]Blood... Continue Reading →

Patreon Reward: Heretic_Deb

As the title says, this is a Patreon Reward for Heretic_Deb She requested Jenn and Rambo grinning.It was nice to get some free reign on this, as it was a heap of fun.Also, really enabling and encouraging my Jenn/Rambo ship - which I wasn't actually going to pursue, but you know, encouragement has been really... Continue Reading →


Heretic Deb and I have created a crowdfunding page to support friends and family who are undergoing cancer treatment and care - we are going to engage in a 12 hour, non-stop paint-a-thon to raise funds for this most worthy cause! This came about during a random conversation on Discord about the hobby and what... Continue Reading →

Fangirl Feature – Heretic Deb

This weeks Fangirl Feature is from Heretic Deb Hobby showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images What games/systems are you most interested in/do you collect? Warhammer 40K for the most part, though I do have a few skeletons for AoS – for old time sakes and so Nagash doesn’t get too lonely. Any specific armies? Thousand... Continue Reading →

A couple of busts

A flat coloured picture of Heretic Deb, from Abaddon and Teal. And Abaddon himself, looking pretty pissed off about something or other. These came as art prompt over on Tumblr, which has been pretty good for that sort of thing - but I am thinking of putting some prompts here instead. I just don't feel... Continue Reading →

Inquisitor Jenn and Heretic Deb

It's only been a few weeks since I drew anything like this and I already feel well out of practise. But here we are, some fan art for Inquisitor Jenn and Heretic Deb who are characters over on Abaddon and Teal I know it's not my best work, but it felt nice to draw something... Continue Reading →

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