The Retinue Begins

I finished the first model for my Inquisitorial Retinue this week - and ticked a model from the backlog. These models are a rather fun to paint. I don't want them all to look uniform or like an army, more a bunch of people pushed together in the name of the Emperor! This is the... Continue Reading →


I overcame some of the 'large model' intimidation feelings and started on the Gryphon for my Cities of Sigmar army this weekend. It's mostly work on the underside of the wings that I've done so far - the rest of the model has been base coated with contrast Skeleton Horde and needs a lot of... Continue Reading →

Assault Intercessor: Part 3 – Assault with a Vengeance.

Back on trying to get the Assault Intercessor unity finished today. Mostly because a lot of the other models I have either aren't started or haven't been sprayed due to the cold and wet weather. Still, progress is progress and I am happy to have been able to paint today. Lord Commander Eloth made me... Continue Reading →

Primaris Chaplain

I never actually thought I would end up with a Primaris Chaplain in my army. The Blood Guards chaplain, Uthor Exemplaris, was always suspicious of the unknown. Thus explaining his abhorrence of being reinforced with the Primaris and their Librarian. When the call to arms for the defence of Baal came the Blood Guard, like... Continue Reading →

Sacrosanct & Other Stories – C L Werner

Title: Sacrosanct & Other StoriesAuthor: VariousPublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: 29th Oct. 2020Genre: FantasyPages: 528Format: PaperbackSource: NetGalley Content The Dance of the Skulls by David AnnandaleGreat Red by David GuymerThe Sands of Grief & The Volturung Road by Guy HaleyCallis & Toll: The Old Ways by Nick HorthA Dirge of Dust and Steel, Auction of Blood & The Prisoner of the Black Sun by... Continue Reading →

Assault Intercessor – Pt2: Assault Harder

I now have three of the ten man squad finished up - and a 4th one well on the way just needing his base finishing off. I thought about uploading these models individually as I paint them, but thought that might make for a somewhat boring series of blog posts... They're ticking along nicely and... Continue Reading →

Imperial Stormcast

I painted up this Stormcast during last years Paint-a-thon and he has been sat in the living room display cabinet ever since next to my Badgers and Burrows miniatures. I saw him the other day while having a snoop and realised that his base hadn't been touched. If he is to remain on display, then... Continue Reading →

Big Oops

This is a post in which I admit I made a bit of a mistake. I recently made my Book Reviewing blog self hosted. A part of this was to migrate followers from the version to the self-hosted on. Unfortunately, in my eagerness I migrated the followers of my hobby blog. So, if you... Continue Reading →

Noctis Warden Redraw

I fancied challenging myself with a Warhammer related redraw. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of where you have come from in regards to art. That the progress you're making is minimal and that maybe you're not improving of 'getting anywhere' I've been dipping into those moods lately so thought a redraw will give me... Continue Reading →


It's been a little while since I shared some hobby on here. Mostly because I've not done anything to share. Hopefully, that will change here on out again! Due to the release of Necromunda: Underhive Wars, I've been a bit more enthusiastic to paint some of my Necromunda gang. Sadly, the video game didn't quite... Continue Reading →

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