How to use glossy magazines in your artwork

Today I wanted to share a bit of insight into my work process - these sketches are from around 2013, but recently rediscovering them gave me pause to think about how I could share a little bit about the way I work. Seeing as my focus recently has become more on the fashion and clothing... Continue Reading →


I really enjoy drawing things that take me back to my origins within the furry fandom. So when I see a goth character I like I tend to draw them - regardless of their origin or owners. Mandy belongs to DrPStripes.  At one point she was friends with my own character Kizmit, but the friendship... Continue Reading →

Never need to recognise yourself

A simple thing of Kizmit. There are parts of this that I'm not happy with. I don't think long flat hair suits her? What do you guys think? I wanted to draw her looking somewhat unhappy, because honestly, she feels wasted at the moment! I've had the revelation that Kizmit would do well in a... Continue Reading →

Jenn Goth

It's been a while since I drew a new picture of Jenn, so here she is in all her cheesy, Gothy glory! I swear Jenn, you're too brightly coloured to be a 'real' goth! Maybe I should give her an 'alternative' colour palette in one picture all, red and black and proper goth!! Honestly though,... Continue Reading →

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