Progress on the wings

Instead of spending time with Sharpe, I thought I'd fit a bit of painting in today, instead. I've been livestreaming a little bit while the kiddo is at school and it's been helping to motivate me painting through the backlog. Today I picked up the Gryphon again for my Cities of Sigmar army and did... Continue Reading →


I overcame some of the 'large model' intimidation feelings and started on the Gryphon for my Cities of Sigmar army this weekend. It's mostly work on the underside of the wings that I've done so far - the rest of the model has been base coated with contrast Skeleton Horde and needs a lot of... Continue Reading →

Demigryph Knights

Cities of Sigmar As fun as these models have been to paint, they've been a real pain to photograph! I've managed to finish off the Demigryph Knights for my Cities of Sigmar army this week and I admit I am chuffed to ribbons with how they've turned out. They've been great models to work on... Continue Reading →

One down, one to go

Cities of Sigmar Just a quick update from last night. I managed to get the layers on one of the remaining Demigrpyh Knights. I'll do a bit of work on the layers of the remaining Knight today and hopefully get them based and finished off soon so I can photograph them all together as a... Continue Reading →

And on forever

Well, half term week is finally over and as such I feel like I can sit down with a brew and update the blogs again. Hobby stuff has been a bit thin on the ground, mostly because the kiddo has been off school and as such I've had to spend a lot more time entertaining... Continue Reading →

Deer-Riders – WIP

Finally took the plunge into putting some paint onto my Sisters of the Thorn for my Cities of Sigmar army. I've been hesitating on these models for months so putting some base coats and washes on the rider (The deer have been painted for a while now) The only thing I'd like to change on... Continue Reading →

The first of many?

I managed to get a 'test' base done for my Demigryph Knight/Cities of Sigmar army. After deliberating and twiddling my thumbs over how to do the base since I started the army, I finally took the plunge and gave one a go. I think it turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself!... Continue Reading →

Demigryph Knight

I've had these fine gentlemen on the painting desk for a while now and they're too pretty to leave them unpainted for too long. Last night I managed to finish up the Champion of the 3 man unit. Originally, I tried to take the photographs in the light-box, but they looked really bleached out. So,... Continue Reading →

Looking Special

Thanks to Lord Commander Eloth, I've got a few special characters to work on from Indomitus. Aside from the Chaplain who is the older model/sculpt that I swapped with Eloth. In my humble opinion a Chaplain without a helmet is a tragic waste! All these guys have some subtle conversions to them and they look... Continue Reading →

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