Review Policy

The ‘Inquisitor Jenn’ Review Policy

The details of the review policy for Eternal Bookcase

EBooks and Hard Copies are accepted by Inquisitor Jenn – if you wish to send an ebook or hard copy of a book please use my Contact Page to get in touch with me concerning your review.


I have a small section of genres that are in my preferences, I might be willing to review your book if you’re outside these genres but I am much more likely to accept if they are within them.

  • Mystery and Thriller
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy

I also have a small selection of genres that I won’t read.

  • Erotica – I am open minded to sexual scenes within a story, but prefer plot over porn.
  • Poetry

Book Review Spaces

Your book review will appear in the following places, providing your book is listed there.


They will also be shared on my current social media links


Limitations to Reviews

Unfortunately, I cannot accept every request for a book review.

I carefully consider all requests to review that I receive and can only accept the ones that appeal to me. If I do not reply to your request within a timely fashion, please assume that I can’t review your book. I do try my best to get back to every request personally, but it’s not always feasible.

If I do agree to review your book it can take me anywhere between a week and several months to write a review – I appreciate not being pestered about a review. And I may choose not to review at all. I don’t tend to review books that I do not finish.

Review Disclaimer

All reviews are an honest opinion of your book. Be warned, not all my opinions are positive!

If I find your book to be disagreeable for any reason, I may decline to read and/or review it.

Many thanks
Eternal Bookcase.