The Light

The Light is the embodiment of the pure. It is the dominating religion of Parrvolis that promises great reward for subservience in the living world.
Temples are erected in most cities in reverence to the Light.

The living leader of the Order of the Light is called the Supreme Patriarch.

The Church of Light has a host of Templars in noble service, they are a warrior-priesthood that serve the lengths of the world, but are most welcomed in Miracien, Westpool and Taikos, where The Light is most dominant. 

The Light also houses the Witch Hunter Order of Parrvolis; their dedication to chase away the ‘darkness’ that plagues the modern world – usually in the form of unsanctioned mages and the vile forms that they spawn. These holy warriors of the order use Morning Stars as weapons to depict their holy faith and reverence to The Light.

The symbol of the religion is half a shining star. A star is the only Light in the darkness.

While The Light is revered, there is no official face to the principle ‘God’ of the religion and is therefore addressed as any pronoun; depending on the belief of the individual. There are moralistic teachings to the religion and an instillment of fear for those that disobey the teachings of The Light.

The patron saint of life and rebirth is Qriella – who is entombed in the Church of Light. It is believed that she gave birth to The Light and seen as a mother figure to all. 


There is a distinct order to the worship of Serpentis. The highest of the order is the High-Bailiff. Those beneath are mere Bailiff. Then Aspirant and the lowest being Initiate. 

They are a cult-like religion that worship the entity, Serpentis. 

Serpentis is the flesh Goddess of Parrvoli.

She lives in Hell/The Underworld of the world setting and her story is well-known folk-lore.

All flesh belongs to her and that she loans it out to the living. Should they abuse her trust and she finds out about it she sends her Bailiffs to collect the debts. They return the wasted flesh to her, which she consumes, but as she is incomplete herself the flesh falls from her innards into a mound in which she resides and is perpetually angry as her hunger can never be fulfilled..

Serpentis denies her worshippers the banal pleasures of the flesh in return for reward in the afterlife. Some of her most devout worshippers offer sacrifices of their own flesh in return for her attentions; these sacrifices are not always small and are often entire limbs.

There is an abject fear about the cult of Serpentis and her name is often used to lure children into behaving properly or as a curse; “Serpentis’ Bailiffs take you.”

She is a selfish and demanding Goddess that is insanely envious of The Light and all the accolade it has.