Parrvolis is a fictional fantasy world of my own creation. This section of my blog/website is dedicated to the World-Building, Characters and Stories that come from the setting. Long have I dreamed of writing stories but come up against struggles that have held me back – insecurities, hesitations and fear – but I am determined to shrug these off and plough through.

Parrvolis is an ever-evolving setting, as new ideas replace old and new characters and inspirations come to shape the world.

I have had several influences along the way when it comes to shaping the world of Parrvolis beyond the obvious long established authors of Fantasy Fiction. These inspirations come in the forms of;

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle/The Old World
  • Dragon Age
  • The Elder Scrolls

Parrvolis is a personal project that has grown from several other seeds and I am looking forward to working on the setting and sharing it with you all.


World Building

Characters of Note

Within each characters page you’ll find a brief biography and links to various short (and possibly long) stories involving the character. The literature should be in chronological order of events as they happen to them, as for an over-arching plot well… we shall see.