Magic on Parrvolis is a learned skill, not an innate one. There is no such thing as a naturally gifted mage; some students are just more proficient at it than others. 

Anyone can learn the ways of magics if they study for it at the College of Arcane Arts. 

There are other ways to learn magics and become mages but these methods are inherently dangerous as they tend to leave the users open to demonic influences and risk being warped into demons themselves or manifesting their dominating emotion into a demon. 

There are several schools of magic that a student can specialise in.

Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wind, Metal, Light, Darkness

The College of the Arcane Arts manages and polices itself. The first lessons of the College are how to safe-guard themselves from influences that could manifest demonic entities and there are wardings within every year of the College.

Each year is known as a ‘Level’ and a mage can only progress to the next level of their learning when they have passes the tests of their current year/level regardless of their age. A mage could be over 50 and still be a first Level.

There is no shame in being a Level 1 mage and even such a sanctioned level holds merit outside the walls of the College.

There is a total of 10 Levels, only the head of the College is prestigious enough to be the 10th level. The highest level anyone other than the head of the college can be is 9th.

The current head of the College is Ivras Arkolis