Inquisitorial Scribe

Way back when, Lord Commander Eloth, Thunderkarn and I embarked on an epic quest to create our own Inquisitors and their retinue. The challenge was to make the characters out of bits that we either had or could find. Lord Commander Eloth finished his an aeon ago, I am unsure about Thunderkarn and I am... Continue Reading →

Big Oops

This is a post in which I admit I made a bit of a mistake. I recently made my Book Reviewing blog self hosted. A part of this was to migrate followers from the version to the self-hosted on. Unfortunately, in my eagerness I migrated the followers of my hobby blog. So, if you... Continue Reading →

Bandit – Side by Side

In a similar style to my previous post, here are the finished results of Bandi another character belonging to ZoelNoOne I am pretty sure we'll be doing more of these in the future. I do have a bust of Hope and Kizmit sketched already so maybe I can throw those ZoelNoOnes way too!

It is not belief, when there’s nothing there to trust

I've been working more and more with one of my earliest characters, Torquemada. He has been developing his own story at a somewhat alarming rate! I've always seen him as a means to cope with darker thoughts and internal anguish. Something wicked that manipulates the mind into thinking all manner of unspeakable things. It's great... Continue Reading →

Dance of Intrigue

This is such a leap in the conversation between these two characters - but when the idea strikes you've got to go with it. The idea if these two is that they are polar opposites in many ways. Hope is free, caring and loving. She embodies the aspects in life that I desire the most.... Continue Reading →


My good friend and collaborator, ZoelNoOne┬árecently opened up their personal species, Badgernukis, to friends. I have been a bit lost and searching for some direction when it comes to art (again) and leapt at the chance to find some sort sense of belonging. Thus, Hope was rekindled in me that my art isn't as dead... Continue Reading →

Moving ‘home’

Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing a bit of, hmmm, soul searching I suppose. I've decided that I need a bit of a change of direction and something that I can focus my energies on with a bit more ease. For whatever reason the past few months and years on the art... Continue Reading →

Blood Guard: Update

Lately, picking up anything hobby related has felt a bit more like a chore than an enjoyment - part of why the art has been coming thick and fast compared to hobby related stuff. I walk past my Blood Guard army several times a day and each time I feel a mixture of guilt, for... Continue Reading →

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