I shamelessly copied Lord Commander Eloth with this idea, he did it first and I though it looked pretty epic!

Warhammer 40k

Blood Guard
My Home-Brew Space Marine Chapter – Blood Angels Successors

Is that a big sword on your back…?

I just realised I’ve not painted his helmet lenses… oof. I’ll go back and do that right after this post! I think what’s irking me about Space Marines is they’ve got some really nice looking models out there – like this particular chap, but I just can’t get them to work out properly for my […]

Aris 412th
The dodgiest Astra Militarum Company you’ll ever see!

Pin-up Commissar

Some time last year I brought myself this fantastic Pin-up model by Anvil Industries – they make some great character models and I’ve never been a huge fan of GW Commissar models so when this guy graced my presence I just knew I had to paint him up for my Astra Militarum… somehow, he just […]

The Shadowspear Box-set painted up as Mortifactors

Shadowspear Mortifactors

Sadly, my lightbox is too small to photograph all the models in the army together properly – I’ll have to see if I can get a nice day for them to go outside and be photographed in natural light; I should do that when I take them beyond the ‘tabletop […]

Age of Sigmar

Cities of Sigmar
Hailing from the Tempestus Eye, Free Cities of Sigmar.

Stormblood Guard

I have felt my hobby inspiration leaning more towards Age of Sigmar as of late – mostly due to reading more fantasy books than 40k ones. Rather than make up my own Stormhost I thought I’d look for an official one. When looking through a list of Stormhosts, I found one called the Stormblood Guard […]

Sneaking in from the Old World – Square bases and all


Another one crossed off the Lizardmen to-do list – it’s always satisfying to get a larger model finished. I’ve had the base lizard of this done for a good few years but was always a bit intimidated by the Solar Engine on the back – it was a needless intimidation because it was actually pretty […]

Daemons of Chaos
They’re for Age of Sigmar, so technically it’s not Heresy.

Shockingly Pink!

I did a bit more work on my Tzaangors last night. I did another couple of tests for the skin using some contrast paint – Volopus Pink. I was happy with how they turned out so batch painted them. The contrast is over a base coat of Fulgrim pink, which I’ll also use to layer […]

Stormcast Eternals
I’ve not painted many…

And the beat goes on.

It has been a while since I got the urge to do any miniature painting, but as with everything, it comes back around and the brushes get picked up again and project continue as though the time off never happened! Today, I continued work on the Stormblood Guard in the form of the Easy to […]

Idoneth Deepking
I’ve painted even less

Quick hobby update

After a long discussion via Twitter about being in a Hobby Slump and not really sure how to get myself out of it, I figured the best way to do something was to start small and simple and see where it takes me. I don’t know why I have been struggling as much as I […]

Old-hammer painting project with Lord Commander Eloth

New Year, Old Army

As Lord Commander Eloth has already reported, we saw the New Year in painting miniatures. Sometime earlier in the Christmas holidays we decided we should bring in 2021 painting some of our oldest miniatures. Our Bretonnians. We brought them as a momento of a disastrous holiday in Northumbria in which we camped in a very […]

Misc Models

Misc Models
Models that don’t fit any other heading.

Hares and Dinos

We had a bit of a painting session this evening. I worked on three derpy dinos and the hare knight from Burrows and Badgers. These are both part way through the painting process, the hare needs a few more washes and then some layering work doing. The Dinos have been based, washed and dry brushed. […]

World of Parrvolis

World of Parrvolis – World Building
A world of my own building

The Origins of Magic

A warm breeze, that held all the promises of summer drifted lazily through the College of the Arcane Arts. The gentle drifts plucked at the heavy heads of freshly grown flowers. Colourful blooms bobbing under the weight of encroaching bumblebees, busy at the task of gathering nectar for their queens.  Marcel Chavaron, 8th Level Mage […]

World of Parrvolis – Writing

Waking the Dead

A bit before Christmas, I expressed an interest in writing. All within a world that I was creating – Oure. Then lockdown hit the UK and everything became about surviving the winter. Anything other than reading felt like a struggle. Now that longer, warmer days are here I feel able and ready to pick things […]

World of Parrvolis – Characters