Miniature Monday

Hello everyone~

In an attempt to give my blog some sort of organisation, I’ve decided to start a few special weekly features – a bit like how Fangirl Friday used to be, but for other things. One of these features of Miniature Monday. I have been live-streaming some mornings a week while I paint and while I don’t always get something completely finished, it’s nice to be back into the swing of things on a miniature painting front.

So, this past week I have been painting up:

Stormblood Guard

A Stormcast Eternal with a rather elaborate banner. I forgot what he is actually called – but it was nice to paint up one of the Stormblood Guard again. I’ll be finishing up his base in the next few weeks when I can get some leaves off the floor.

Cursed City

Jelsen Darrock, a Witch Hunter, character from the Cursed City board game. I’ve been wanting to paint this guy up for a while, but because I wanted him to look good, I was a bit worried about picking him up. I’ve ran out of Space Marines to paint and didn’t know what to pick up so Cursed City won the toss. After doing the Skeletons there wasn’t a lot other than the heroes primed… I had no more excuses!

I’m not sure how to tackle the bases of these guys yet, other than I’d like them to be wet and snowy – like the setting in Cursed City.

And speaking of skeletons… these have had a bit of work on them since this photograph, but the weather has been terrible so I’ve not had the chance to photograph them, yet. They’re also somewhat delicate so I am concerned about moving them about too much.