IR & B&W Side by Side

Rather than just write brief, somewhat condescending sounding comments to Bookstooge about Infrared and Black and White, I thought making a Side by Side comparison of the two (as suggested) would be a better way to show the difference between the two sorts of photography.

These aren’t the most spectacular photographs ever; I was walking into town with the little man in tow, who kept asking me why I was swapping cameras ‘all the time.’

I’ve shared the Infrared, Black and White and colour version of each photograph, just to show the difference between them.

I have to be honest, I don’t quite understand the technical detailing of how infrared photography works, other than the Digital Camera I have is modified to capture the infrared spectrum using different filters. It can no longer take normal colour photographs; but rather captures the ‘funky looking colours’ of the infrared spectrum. I also think this is what is used in ‘Ghost hunting’ that’s not really my thing though – too scary – so I’ll just stick to making the world look weird!

You can get different filters that adjust the Infrared Spectrum – which mostly seems to take out the golden and blue hues (Or enhances them, depending on the filter that is in use) the camera I have has four different filters, starting at 680, 720, 850 & 950 (I think)
I’ll try and take all the filters out one day and capture the same image on all of them. This is an area, despite my lack of technical knowledge, I’d really like to explore more of, so for a while at the very least, expect to see more images taken with the infrared camera!