Hares and Dinos

We had a bit of a painting session this evening. I worked on three derpy dinos and the hare knight from Burrows and Badgers.

These are both part way through the painting process, the hare needs a few more washes and then some layering work doing.

The Dinos have been based, washed and dry brushed. I’m not so enthusiastic about these as I was when I got them as they’ve lost a few fingers and toes along the way and they don’t feel as high standard as they could be. They’re fine printed models, but they don’t have the depth of detail I feel they could have? Just not enjoying them like I thought I would.

I’ll finish these models off as quick as I can (without rushing) and then get back on track with painting that large backlog list I had written at one point!

As long as the models get painted, I’m happy!