An update. Again.

Ever since stopping being self-hosted and putting my book reviews on here, I’ve felt utterly disjointed and unfocused. As such I’ve restarted using Eternal Bookcase but rather than going through the trauma of being self-hosted I’m going to be using the original WordPress website I had.

It’s a bit of a set-back as most of the reviews I wrote during lockdown and most focused aren’t on that site – so I’ll have to copy/paste them across and delete them on this site. it’ll be a bit of a faff, but if I can get some of the focus back for blogging/reading, it will be worth it.

The new address is Eternal Bookcase.

    1. I’ve scheduled up the missing reviews so hopefully they will look okay.
      I’m already feeling more keen and focused though so it’s working in that respects.
      You may get some notifications for the Horus Heresy reads, I hope they don’t annoy you.

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    2. I can understand why though, it’s an unexpected sinker in the series.
      Hopefully the next one will be better, being a collection of short stories and all.

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