Is that a big sword on your back…?

I just realised I’ve not painted his helmet lenses… oof. I’ll go back and do that right after this post!

I think what’s irking me about Space Marines is they’ve got some really nice looking models out there – like this particular chap, but I just can’t get them to work out properly for my Army. I feel pretty lost with them as a whole at the moment and I can’t quite connect with them on the level that I used to; there’s just not the pull that used to spark me off as it once did, so I feel like I rush them and end up making silly, little mistakes – like forgetting eye lenses.

I’m being needlessly harsh on myself, as I am reasonably happy with how this guy turned out, despite the niggles I’m having. It might just be a case of having a small break from them (As previously mentioned) and painting up something else instead.