Inquisitorial Scribe

Way back when, Lord Commander Eloth, Thunderkarn and I embarked on an epic quest to create our own Inquisitors and their retinue. The challenge was to make the characters out of bits that we either had or could find. Lord Commander Eloth finished his an aeon ago, I am unsure about Thunderkarn and I am certainly limping into last place, but they do say; ‘Never back a favourite!’

I wasn’t expecting to pick the Inquisitorial Retinue again so soon after returning to painting, but, as is often customary in our house when we don’t know what to paint we ask the kiddo and he picked this guy! (Actually, he picked my drop pod first, but I said no!)

This guy was the Inquisitorial Scribe of my retinue; the herald that boasted my Inquisitors good deeds and told everyone they were in deep trouble with the Inquisition!

I only have him base coated and washed so far. I’d really like to try dirtying him up a bit more in the layering stages of painting, so if anyone has any tips for weathering on cloth I would love to hear it!