Progressing Slowly

Progress has been a little on the slow side for the past couple of evenings – mostly due to wanting to finish off a book that was causing a go-slow (Which I have now finished, hurrah) but in between doing bits of dinner-related cooking I did manage to get two whole base-coat colours on my next Assault Intercessor!

What I like about these models is the fact that they’re snap-fit so they come apart while painting. I’ve never been one for part-assembly of a model and sticking it together when parts are painted; possibly too impatient for this sort of technique, but when they’re like this it’s so much easier! And it saves the frustration of requiring a brush that can paint round corners or get into those awkward to reach gaps!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the rest of the base colours on soon!

    1. Not sure why that is, really.
      Maybe partially cause I’d like the option to take miniatures I own to games (When I was playing) and because I’m worried about losing vital parts if I part assemble!

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