Hobby Motivation

I have been largely demotivated with hobby lately – to the point where I’ve not updated the blog in over a month, let alone picked up a brush and put any colours onto any models.

True, I have been reading a metric tonne of books, but overall action on the miniatures hobby has been lacking.

I saw a post on Twitter where someone shared their ‘pile of shame‘ of 956 miniatures and I am relieved to say that I am nowhere near that ball-park figure… I don’t think. But their confession inspired me too pull out all my unfinished miniatures and see if any of them inspire me to pick up the paint brushes again. It’s February already and my current tally of finished models is the grand total of: 2

The Shame!

And, considering that we are all suckers for a list!

There are a lot of Space Marines on this list. I think because there’s a fair amount of Older-Style Space Marines there I feel a bit more ‘meh’ towards them. I would love to finish them all off and then be able to let them lie. There’s a real big boom at the moment when it comes to Space Marines. They’re everywhere! Maybe that’s part of what is leaving me feeling uninspired with them? I don’t really know.

I’m leaning more towards random models lately – I do have a Badgers and Burrows Hare that I am somewhat excited about; I have painted a couple of their models before and really enjoyed them. So sorting out a fun, brightly coloured paint scheme for this one might be a step in the right direction. A part of the appeal for one-off models is there’s no pressure to get them to fit in with other models as part of a larger army.

I think this statement also goes for the Inquisitorial Retinue that I kitbashed a good while ago now to go with Lord Commander Eloths. So, they might be an interesting lot to look at too.

My current tally here is 75; not including the models still in boxes waiting to be put together. Maybe I should just try picking up a model or two a week and seeing how I get along with them. Obviously, depending on how large the model is!

Either way, I have a lot of models here to keep me going for a while and I’ll try my best to have a good push with some of them and see what I can come up with in terms of motivation – while trying to avoid painting everything red!