Caw(daw) Blimey!

Whole enthusiasm for doing anything Necromunda related has died an untimely death thanks to Necromunda: Underhive Wars being a complete pile of disappointing turd, I did manage to get the leader of my Cawdor gang finished.

I think on of my hobby-goals for 2021 should be: Paint Less Red. Most (read all) of my armies are read and while it’s a trick I feel I do well, I also think it’s high-time I branched out into other paint-schemes!

This guy is the leader of my Cawdor gang, something about having a huge icon and an even bigger boom-stick is appealing. I don’t talk about composition of models much – mostly because I don’t convert very often (But Necromunda lends itself to it well) – but there’s something about this model that I feel… works!

Unfortunately, he was base coated at the same time as some of my other models and suffered from ‘glossy-wash’ syndrome. I don’t think it’s too bad on these guys cause they’re meant to be grimy and look a bit wet; like they’ve been down in the slime!