Assault Intercessor: Part 3 – Assault with a Vengeance.

Back on trying to get the Assault Intercessor unity finished today. Mostly because a lot of the other models I have either aren’t started or haven’t been sprayed due to the cold and wet weather. Still, progress is progress and I am happy to have been able to paint today. Lord Commander Eloth made me a wet-palette today out of an old take-away tub, grease-proof paper and a sponge.

It was an interesting thing to experiment with. I don’t know overall how much it improved my painting, but I felt better about some of the results. Especially around the purity seal and the feathering on the chest; which I’ve always found hard to get any details on without the paint betraying me and looking lumpy!

I now have five of these guys finished off. So I have a combat squad of them finished and half the unit done. Onto the next five now, then I can look to some of the other models in the Indomitus box.