World of Parrvolis

Since I’m no longer drawing I have been looking to other avenues in which to explore my creativity. For the longest time I have had thoughts of writing – held back by uncertainties and other negative head-space thoughts. Mostly, I’ve held the long belief that while I can create characters and write little snippets about them I don’t have a fleshed out story to write them in; how true this is I don’t actually know. I’m not sure if I am ready to test the theory or not yet.

What I do have is a large collection of characters that share some sort of overall theme. So today I set about starting to create the world in which they inhabit. Pulling on many different characters, half told stories and ideas and bringing them all together into the same world. It was actually pretty fun giving some visuals to a world that has only ever existed in my head – working out how close some of the places are to one another and how small their squabbles would be in the grand scheme of the world.

I’m also intending on placing Sea of Souls in this world, a project that I’ve worked on, on and off (More off than on) over the past however many years. There’s also the appearance of Westpool, which is where the character Gideon Ecbal lives.

As a fledgling ‘writer’ I have absolutely no idea how or where to host any of the stories that I write. I don’t think it’s fair to pressure myself into going a published route or anything like that, but it would be nice to have it all contained somewhere that I can easily update and share what I do manage to produce. If anyone has any suggestions on this front please let me know?