Noctis Warden Redraw

I fancied challenging myself with a Warhammer related redraw. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of where you have come from in regards to art. That the progress you’re making is minimal and that maybe you’re not improving of ‘getting anywhere’

I’ve been dipping into those moods lately so thought a redraw will give me a different perspective on artwork and my progress over the past couple of years – especially considering the warhammer related art.

The character is a Noctis Warden Captain that belongs to GallandroX and was one of the first pictures I drew for someone else in the hobby, that I can recall. They also started off the busts. So I feel like I owe them a fair bit and if doing a redraw of some older artwork I did for them is something I can do, then so be it!

The original Noctis Warden art

Hopefully, in a few years time I will be able to update this redraw and see how things have improved again.