I’m coming up to the end of my run of sketches. I think I have one or two more than I feel inspired to finish off then it’ll be back to the sketching table when I am back home.

Kizmit, looking rather angry at something. This is pretty much her default mood and she reflects this aspect of my personality pretty well. Know that when I draw Kizmit, at the time of sketching, there was something on my mind that made me feel a negative, angry emotion. Even if I don’t remember what it was at the time of completion.

Her story is what makes her angry – her abuses that she has faced at the hands of others – but it translates well to me as a person. Using art to work out inner emotions is a good thing. In the case of Kizmit, it saves people from getting hurt in more ways than one!

    1. The black is a physical manifestation of Kizmits hatred.
      It pours/bleeds out of her when she is angry (which is most of the time these days)
      Thanks for the comment~

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