‘ve been working on this picture on and off for the past couple of days.
It’s felt really, really good to design something from the ground up.

Serpentis is the flesh Goddess of my canon setting and the deity that Torquemada serves as High-Bailiff. I had a strong mental image for her so decided to give her a try.
She lives in Hell/The Underworld of the world setting and her story is pretty folk-lore-sy.

My idea for her is that all flesh belongs to her and that she loans it out to the living. Should they abuse her trust and she finds out about it she sends her Bailiffs to collect the debts. They return the wasted flesh to her, which she consumes, but as she is incomplete herself the flesh falls from her innards into a mound in which she resides and is perpetually angry as her hunger can never be fulfilled..

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