Ace of Base?

I couldn’t help but notice in my recent update post that my Primaris Captain still hadn’t had his base finished. I didn’t want to resort to just painting it grey and sticking some rocks on it and pretending it was an urban landscape. So I read a tutorial by GrimBases and gave it a try. It’s not 100% following the tutorial but the basics are taken from it.

Stick cork on a base, dry brush it and put some more ‘stuff’ on it for added effect!

In this case the ‘stuff’ was the rocks that I’ve always stuck on my Space Marine bases a little bit of green flock – anyone that owns a driveway knows that weeds grow anywhere – and some dead grass.

I don’t think I’ll use the dead grass again as I don’t think it adds anything to the composition and I’ll see if I can invest in a bit of thicker cork for added effect.
However, compared to the previous bases, this feels like a marked improvement.