Looking Special

Thanks to Lord Commander Eloth, I’ve got a few special characters to work on from Indomitus. Aside from the Chaplain who is the older model/sculpt that I swapped with Eloth. In my humble opinion a Chaplain without a helmet is a tragic waste!

All these guys have some subtle conversions to them and they look a lot better – also in my humble opinion. I am uncertain about the hand of the judiciar holding the hourglass is a little awkward looking and I might see if I can swap it for something as I’m not 100% sold on it.

Sadly, todays weather is terrible and rainy so I won’t be able to base coat them just yet but as soon as the weather improves I’ll get these guys sprayed up along with the Bikers and Assault Intercesors all of which are now stuck together.

As these didn’t take long last night, I put a bit of paint onto one of my Cities of Sigmar Griffon Knights. I’d based and washed a fair bit of it before, but it needed a repair and some more paint putting on it – the lance and flag mostly. It’s a small step, but better than nothing.

I’m hoping to get the washes on this model at some point today and do some work on layering him up. I’d more or less forgotten how nice this army is. It’s variation suits my scatter-brain needs! I’m looking forward to getting some paint onto the rest of it so I can expand it some more.