Quick hobby update

After a long discussion via Twitter about being in a Hobby Slump and not really sure how to get myself out of it, I figured the best way to do something was to start small and simple and see where it takes me.

I don’t know why I have been struggling as much as I have to get into the hobby flow again, a lot of good things have happened for 40k the past couple of weeks. Indomitus has come about and with it 9th edition. So, I hang my head in absolute shame when I say this is as far as I’ve got in regards to putting any of it together.

I have shared the Space Marine half of the box with Lord Commander Eloth who has done remarkably better with putting models together than I have! We’ve done a pretty decent job of divvying them up for our various armies though. The Assault Primaris will be finding a home amongst the Blood Guard – to the surprise of absolutely no one!

I found the positioning of these two models to be humourous! Captain and Lieutenant learning how to shoot pistols together? Couldn’t resist taking a snap-shot of it.

While I was partaking in the twitter conversation I felt inspired to get a spray coat on a model I brought a little while ago. I’ve recently read The Court of the Blind King by David Guymer and was inspired to pick up an Idoneth Deepkin model. I was originally only going to get one of the smaller hero models to paint up, but my local Games Workshop store is only tiny. Therefore they only had this model in stock.

So I assembled him pretty quickly, then did absolutely nothing with him! I blame the terrible Manchester weather preventing me putting a base-coat on him until tonight; there were a few occasions I could have done, but the inclination wasn’t in me.

I have a paint scheme in mind that’s a bit more vibrant than my usual offerings and I am a bit nervous about giving it a try, but what’s the worst that could happen? It’ll look better than grey (or white) plastic!

Hopefully, my next update will include something painted.