Moving ‘home’

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a bit of, hmmm, soul searching I suppose. I’ve decided that I need a bit of a change of direction and something that I can focus my energies on with a bit more ease.

For whatever reason the past few months and years on the art front have been nothing short of a struggle. Burn out has come quicker and quicker with it and even though I have switched my ideas up a few times nothing has really stuck properly. I did a heap of bust commissions, but the idea of doing them again, when time permits, fills me with dread!

It’s high time that I stop living in fear, stop feeling oppressed by ‘gate-keepers’ that I felt have held me back and embrace something that I have left buried inside me for the longest time.

As such, I have started a new blog for this change of direction. The Eternal Bookcase. I have shared a few posts over from there on this blog before and I know some of my friends and followers here already follow it.

Stories have been a passion of mine for a long time, regardless of the form they come in (Books, TV series & movies, Video-games.) I have had the mentality that ‘I’ve invested so much time in art and drawing I can’t do anything else.’ But, with recent events life has been evaluated and I feel like now is the right time to embrace the changes I’d like. No more being held back by people who only have their own self-interests at heart. No more fear and certainly no more being beheld to something that I know, deep down, I no longer enjoy – I’ve tried a few times to reconnect with art and it’s not in me anymore.

What about the hobby stuff? Well, it’s still a hobby. I am looking forward to the new 40k models and edition. So, I’ll still be using this blog for my hobby activities, but I don’t think it’ll be as active as it once was here without uploading and sharing art things.

Naturally, I’d love to keep in touch with hobbyists and will continue to comment on others blogs and enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing and I hope the same can be said for me too.

So, if you have any interest in reading, books and reviews (I do a fair amount of Black Library ones) then please, follow my new blog. If not, then it’ll be great keeping in touch with you vis the (limited) hobby that I get done.

The Eternal Bookcase

  1. A blog on books always gets my attention so I have followed.

    Always the thing to remember is you have to do things trhat make you happy in your hobby time. When you are away from other unavoidable pressures you need to make sure your ‘you time’ relaxes you rather than stresses you out.



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  2. Yeah, as others have said, go with what makes you hapopy and less stressed. If you need to step away from one thing or another for awhile or longer, it’s all good. Sometimes what you enjoy becomes a committment and then becomes work, and then becomes grind. Take a break, do what you enjoy!


  3. Hi hun, I hope you’re well 😘 I just tried tagging you in my recent post on insta only to find that your name wasn’t working, and it seems your whole account has problems and I read that you can’t receive dms. I wonder why it’s not working for you? Really annoying! 😤 I have instead tagged your doodles account on Instagram, I hope that works. I hope you’re doing well! Xx

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    1. Hiiii!
      It’s lovely to hear from you again.
      I sent an Instagram Follow request from my book/reading account where everything works properly and I am able to DM.
      I’ll drop you a message if/when I am approved.


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