I was looking for hapless to sketch up today in my Toyhou.se and came across this lovely gentleman sitting in there, somewhat unloved and collecting dust.
I figured I should shake him off, spruce him up and see how we get along.
His name is Zydrate and I originally brought him off an ex-friend a while ago and she and I have since parted ways.

I think it’s time for him to move on from what she made him and for me to call him ‘mine’ in my own right.
I am aiming to draw him up a bit over the next few days and weeks to test the waters and see if we are compatible again.

    1. It’s a little vial of the drug Zydrate. The character has heavy links to the film Repo! The Genetic Opera.
      It looks a bit like a glow-stick to me!

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    2. It looks a little like a glow stick to me as well now that you mention it. Perhaps double duty, then? A vial of drugs that can also serve as a night light!


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