Figure 8 Fitness

Okay, so this post is a bit more personal than the usual ones I have been putting out lately – but a change is as good as a rest – so forgive me while I share this out and hope that you’ll feel as happy and enthused as I do!

About a month ago, I got incredibly fed up of lazing my days away not really doing much, eating complete trash and getting fat. I saw an advert on Facebook for a program called Figure 8 Fitness. There was a woman on the advert who did an incredible job of selling it to me; she looked so happy and joyful during her workout. I’ve always had a mild interest in dance too, which helped, so with a handy facebook discount I figured I’d give it a try.

The first four days introduce you the the idea of the workout, the basic moves and how to do them correctly. This is me after the first full workout! Drenched! But, it was such good fun working up a sweat and getting going!

The next three weeks have been full on, 30-40 minute workouts most mornings – every 7th day is a recovery day – aside from a couple of shorter ones; which are just as tough!

I have also overhauled my diet, no more bread/sandwiches at lunchtime. Less pasta and no more ‘throw it in the oven’ dishes. More home cooking. Which has felt a lot better in a lot of ways. The non-scale-victories have felt a lot better than the scale related ones (Which I have recorded on my Wii as I have no other scales in the house)
I’m feeling better, eating better and generally feeling a lot more positive about things.

I’ve just finished Phase 2 of the workout program – the burn stage – I am meant to go onto phase 3; sculpt, but I’m going to repeat phase 2 as I don’t feel like I will be able to keep up with some of the workouts just yet! I was beaten last week by a video called Core Cardio Blast so working on my stamina before I move on.

I’ve had such a blast doing these workouts so far! They’re working for me and having overhauled our diet has been great fun too. I am enjoying food a lot more; finding recipes, cooking and eating it!

I’ve never been on for Physical Activity, PE was the lesson I skived the most at school so it’s been a push to get going but living a sedentary life wasn’t making me feel good about myself so, changes needed to happen. Making them happen myself and pushing myself to improve every workout has been wonderful fun so far and I’m looking forward to another set of workouts and moving onto the next phase!