This is another of my recent acquisitions when it comes to characters – I’ve always admired an artist called NekoPhoenix so when I saw this character – Cinna – up for sale I snaffled her up. She is, a bit like the previous character, a bit more complicated compared to what I am used too but I’ll get used to her the more I draw her.

Again, drawn in Gorean style silks, cause I still love those and just want to draw all the things in them!

As an aside piece of news, my premium subscription to WordPress expired today and while I thought I might have to spend hours and hours faffing about with a theme again to get the blog looking right and pretty again, the template I was using is a free one so premium subscription isn’t required. Much to my relief as I’ve not long had the blog looking like it does and I am thrilled with it. Storage might become an issue, but not for some time as the files I upload aren’t huge or the highest of quality, so it’s all looking good on that front.