Daily Challenge #1 – Neglected Model

When it comes to neglected models, they don’t get much more neglected than this one!

This series of challenges comes from Deb over at Black Hand Marines. Who started these challenges via Twitter. I’ve been been in a bit of a hobby funk for a while (And did pretty much nothing for the entirety of March and most of February) so figure these challenges would help get me feeling a bit inspired – even if I am a few days behind already.

When it comes to neglected models they don’t come much more neglected (In my collection) than this one. It’s a kit-bashed model of Rambo that I made up for my first Necromunda Gang the Expendables which kicked off my blog way, way back in 2011.

I’ll take a better photograph when the base is finished off and less wet as soon as I am able! But I got excited about having something to share after so long out of the hobby – other than reading books and writing reviews over on Eternal Bookcase.

There is so much wrong with this model and I am so glad that Games Workshop have improved their miniatures since this Rambo model was made up of parts! I’m not sure if that is a mold-bubble on his eye or a glitch in the photograph. Yikes! Still, I am pleased to have made some hobby progress and been able to get back at the painting table again. On wards and upwards!