No Dominion – Charlie Huston

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Title: No Dominion
: Charlie Huston
Published by: Orbit
Publication date: 5th July. 2007
Genre: Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
Source: Personal Collection

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I gave an introduction to Joe Pitt in my review for Already Dead so for the sake of not repeating myself on the intricate details of the lead character in No Dominion, I’ll link you to that review.

No Dominion is the second installment in the Joe Pitt case files and moves the over-arching plot on nicely from it’s dramatic starting point, while still having a solid plot all on it’s own. No Dominion sees Joe Pitt moving out of his comfort zone and into the streets of Harlem and into Hood territory – working a dirty job for the Coalition to keep up his supplies of blood and some cash to pay off his overdue…

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