And I thought the Bloodcrushers were intimidating models! Yikes, this was a biggie!!

I really enjoyed painting this one though, once the base coats were on it was pretty simple to paint. I think the hardest part sometimes is blocking in the colours and getting a good mental image of what you’d want the model to look like at the end. I am satisfied that it looks creepy enough. Also I find some of the red difficult to look at in places, but I think that works for a daemonic entity!

I’m going to leave the daemons to rest now while I work on some of the other armies that don’t have enough paint on them and are dragging the quality of the display cabinets down. (*cough* Cities of Sigmar *cough*)
These guys have been great to work on and have been wonderful to get me back into the swing of things in 2020. Time to get ‘serious.’