It’s been all about the blood and skulls here lately! I’ve taken the plunge to finish off some of the models for my Daemon army. It’s mostly a ‘showcase’ army. As far as I know each daemon God now has it’s own book and I’m not even sure they can all work together like they used too, but that’s how I’ve always envisioned a Chaos Daemon army – lot’s of gribbly things amassed together. Initially the army was an excuse to paint some wonderful and wacky colours on things; but for the Blood and Skull related things for the army I have gone a bit more traditional.

I used to like the previous installment of Skulltaker as a model, so when the new one came out I had to add him to my army list. His cloak is glorious and I had the most fun painting it (Almost as fun as my Mortifactors bases!) Speaking of bases, I wasn’t sure how well this one would turn out. Putting the texture paint on an already textured base felt dubious at the time, but I think it worked rather well.