Hey look, a Primaris Lt!

Eep, looking at this photograph I can see so much that needs reworking and fixing, but I’ll not point them out, just in case you can’t see them!

One more character to go in this set then I can dress them all up nicely, but their bases on and have a decently painted little force of Mortifactors.

I mentioned the other unit that needs working on in my previous post, but beyond that I don’t have any inclination to add to this force; they’ve been great to paint and get some colour on them all and I know that the hard work is yet to be done on them with the layering and making them look even better. But for them all to have paint on and looking better than grey plastic feels like a great achievement already.

My point being, I’d like to now readdress my other Space Marine army, my Blood Guard (Home Brew) and give them the attention that they deserve; which is an incentive to finish these guys off nicely before I pick up my other guys.