Cities of Sigmar – Update 1

Hobby progress is on a bit of a go-slow at the moment so I’ve not much to share other than the sticking and spraying of a couple of units for my Cities of Sigmar army.

Above is my Freeguild General, I brought him when Cities of Sigmar was announced; a week before the models went into the ‘Last chance to buy’ category – he isn’t a completely viable option weapon wise anymore, but he’s a good start to an army.

Of course, I get into the character side of things and have been thinking a bit about the guy that’s currently leading my new Army, first things first, he needs a name – I am thinking along the lines of Bastien Kroeger at the moment, but might have a think on this some more – I don’t know much about him other than he has a big dislike (fear?) of dogs and he’s a typical long-suffering foot soldier; slogging it out doing all the real hard work on the field of combat compared to the glory-seekers in the high-city. Living in one of the many encampments around Tempests Eye.

I don’t know if I am ‘doing it right’ with this Army and how I am putting it together. I’m hoping to build it via a Path to Glory campaign with the other half – who scratch-built an Aspiring Deathbringer just for the occasion – but I really liked the Greatsword models and having them as Battleline because of my chosen General seemed like a good way to get a good bunch of them in. I’ve not added much to the models other than what was offered in the kit, but I figure the bits left over will come in handy for some kit-bashing further down the line.

Sadly, the Handgunners in my previous post aren’t going to be making an appearance in the army, they were really old models and trying to get them off the square bases proved too be trickier than I first thought; the weakest point of the models being their ankles resulting in some broken limbs. It’s a shame, but I can use them as test models for paint schemes instead.

I’ve also got my Sisters of the Thorn models put together, but not photographed them as they’re just grey plastic.