Awesome August: Azazels Community Challenge

Taking motivation from both posts by Azazels bitz box and conversations with Eloths Endeavours I decided to take part in one of Azazels community challenges; this time trying to get the model done and finished on time!

The biggest challenge with this model was having to start the majority of it over again – I’d originally painted the Stegodon a really dull grey colour. I’m not entirely sure why I chose this because my intention for the Lizardmen army was to have it really vibrant compared to my other armies. So when I picked this model up for the challenge, I had to rebase coat the skin. I was somewhat concerned that I’d lose some of the details of the model in the process, but I think I got away lightly this being considered.

Photographing this particular model was a bit of a challenge in itself as it didn’t fit in the lightbox very easily – hence why there is a rather flattering model of it’s butt/tail, pictured above.

So I took the model outside and photographed it there instead; but it was a rather bright day so the pictures are a little shadow-y.

I must confess, it does feel great getting one of my larger Lizardmen models finished and off the painting table; as I’ve shared in a previous post, these models have been with me for a long time now and it feels like they’re finally nearing completion. Left to finish is a unit of 8 Cold One riders, 3 Terradon riders, 1 Kroxigor and several special character/hero models. The end is near!

As well as the above, there are a couple of casulties of war that need looking at. An old metal Carnosaur and a half-painted Bastilodon. The Carnosaur is sadly missing his head so a replacement needs to be found and the Bastilodon really should get it’s Solar Engine assembled and painted before I finish it off!

It wasn’t the intention for this post to become a ‘Here is where I am at’ with the Lizardmen army, but it has certainly served as motivation to keep on going – when the end of the Stegodon drew near, burnout was settling in with the army. It’s been held at bay and I am eager to figure out a vibrant paint scheme for the Terradons and get going again!

    1. I think the hardest part was going back to it after having it sat about for so long – finding new inspiration for old models has always been tricky!

      That and getting all the skinks to fit on the back without trimming any tails or spears!

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    1. Same here, but I never got used to them in Age of Sigmar.
      I’ve been enjoying revisiting them lately though, they’ve got some brilliantly detailed models.


    2. Mine were from 5th edition with the Brettonian’s boxed set, then I went Warmaster Lizardmen. Now I have the Scalians but to be honest they are not the same ☹️


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