Hindsight and Retrospect


I was doing a series of Primarch pictures – in which I was attempting to draw all the Warhammer 40/30k Primarchs as a series of pictures. I don’t know what happened, but somewhere along the line I lost all confidence in my character artwork and stopped doing them.

I’ve had a lot happen since I dropped this WIP of Alpharius and while I am not sure if picking up this picture (and the project) is going to happen anytime soon I am glad I found it in my WIPs folder. I certainly don’t feel as bad about it as I did when I was in the process of creating it.

Finding it made me look back and reflect on what has been happening recently. With the help of my lovely commissioners and friends I am feeling a lot happier and more confident in myself and my artwork. I no longer feel embarrassed about having a Degree in Illustration. It no longer feels like going to University was such a huge waste of time. I know I am not ‘high profile’ in the way that University would want me to be but I am still drawing and creating (usually daily) and that’s something in itself; how many of my University course mates can say the same? I’ve managed to keep up with drawing while raising my son too, which is a milestone in itself!

So, while finding this WIP is a bit of a reminder of where I was and how I was feeling about artwork (Like giving up, truth be told) and how far I have come since this day.