Commissions – Space Marine Busts

It’s always nice to get to draw some Space Marine busts. These are for an up and coming PadCast – which I shall get the details for and share with you when I know more.

I’ve not drawn anything 40k related in a while and doing these reminded me how much fun it is. So, I shall be dusting off some of the 40K characters and sketch them up in the near future. See what I can wrangle.

Also, I don’t think I have ever drawn a Space Wolf before, so that was a nice change too.

I always find it a challenge to draw someone in likeness to a real person, as with the Fishy Warmaging Commission, so it’s always great when I get confirmation that the goal has been pulled off properly.

If you like my artwork and are interested in commissioning me, please visit my commission page and get in touch!