I’ve got the power

I’ve not said much about Tari and for a while he has been on the back burner; but lately he has been rather outspoken and I’ve been working on him a bit more – as well as doing some collaborations with ZoelNoOne – which I am looking forward to seeing finished off and to sharing with you; they’re super fun looking ones!

Tari is an African Hunting/Wild Dog anthro character and is completely Non-Gender Conforming. He enjoys wearing things that are considered feminine and/or girly.
He is not transgender and has no desire to actually be a woman.

I think there is a lot of pressure on young adults these days to fit into a gender label, rather than just accept themselves for who they are. You don’t have to be female to enjoy feminine things. Just like you don’t have to be male to enjoy masculine things. You can totally be male and enjoy dressing up, dolls and dresses.

To me, this is what Tari stands for. The breaking down of gender related barriers and acceptance for others for being who they are, not the box they are trended into.