Fangirl Feature – Lord Commander Eloth

This week’s Fangirl Feature is from Lord Commander Eloth

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What games/systems are you most interested in/do you collect?

In descending order, Warhammer, 40K, Necromunda, Guild ball, Battlefleet Gothic.  I did like Epic once upon a time, even converted some Epic Guardsmen but not really got into the new version GW has released.

Any specific armies?

My main army always was High Elves for Warhammer, but with their current death in Age of Sigmar my main army is probably Space Marines in Warhammer 40k (my Home Brew Chapter, “the Templars of Righteousness”)  then there is Khorne Mortal Blood Bound for Age of Sigmar and Space Wolves coming in second, with Skaven and ‘Nids. I’ve got the new Eshers and Goliath for Necromunda but yet to put paint to plastic on them, cannot get my head around a paint scheme for either yet.  For Guild Ball, I’ve got Fishers and Eldar for BFG.

What aspect of the hobby are you most interested in?

I used to play a lot but life changes have made that more challenging recently, so it’s mainly the modelling/painting side now but always with an eye on making a full army rather than just the one model.

What compelled you first start or restart the hobby?

The models my older brothers had, they were just “So Cool man!”  (not my brothers of course), and yes I was born in the 80s!

Do you have any future plans for your hobby?

Next project will be to revisit my Skaven when the new book comes out. Other than that for really big projects its probably wait for something akin to High Elves to come out for AoS.  That said I’m thinking of a guard army to go with an Imperial Knight I have but want them very feudal world setting, just not got my head ’round how to pull it off yet.

What sort of materials do you use to create your hobby? How long does it take you to complete a project?

I mainly kitbash, so just glue and a little green stuff and raiding the ever-growing bits boxes!  Subprojects I’m normally fairly fast at especially the modelling side couple of nights to do a new model, painting takes me longer.  But for me a “project” never ends, Armies always grow you just finish chapters for them.  

What inspires you to keep going? Do you admire any other hobbyists?

The variation, I have a lot of Armies in a lot of games and when one starts to bore me I jump to the next.  I also get inspired by novels/films not really hobby ones as such, but SciFi ones and Fantasy ones. The world around us. I’ve often come back from a walk thinking about getting a wood elf army or the like.

What do you find most frustrating about the hobby? 

When I go back to an army and realise I have no idea how I painted that bit or did that base, think I’m going to have to start writing guides for myself!

Do you have any tips for any aspiring hobbyists – beyond the usual ‘practise daily’? 

Try those crazy ideas!  All my best models come from this! The dreadnought that you can see the injured Space Marine inside behind armour-glas (bit of a blister pack), the horned rat based of a daemon prince model, the expanded wingspan frost phoenix, the Tomb King sphinx that stood on its back legs only, the guild ball team all elevated off their bases on piers made from matchsticks and coffee stirrers. The white lion griffin.  Ok, its also were most of my worse models came from (the green stuff ball-worm that really was an abomination, the Nid prime fuck up)  but they all just make the bits box grow!

What is your fondest hobby memory?

This question ended up being easier to answer than I thought it would.  


This was a great time when the wife and I help my young nephew stick loads of his Necrons together while all having a great laugh. 

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Is it just me or would a Home Bargains Primaris Marine army look Epic?

Many thanks to Lord Commander Eloth for taking the time to answer these questions for the Fangirl Feature this week.

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