I was going to wait until I had more of these models painted and share them all together when they were finished. But the weather this morning was too good for model photography to pass up so I caved in and took a few snaps.

I was initially really intimidated by this model as they’re so much bigger than the other Bloodletters I’ve painted – and I wasn’t sure how well all the red would meld together. Would sections stand out on their own or would all the details just blend in together to make one big… mess.

I am pleased with the final results, there are sections that I might alter for the next one in the small unit, just to give them a bit of diversity, but I am pleased that when stood next to the unit of Bloodletters, they all look like they’re from the same army – which, for me, always feels like a bit of a concern and is something on my mind when it comes to other units in the army (Daemonettes & Changeling, mostly) but they’re different daemons all together so does it even matter?